About Us
A leading provider of customized, technology-driven solutions for the global financial industry, Orbis Systems, Inc. has the tools you need to stay connected to the world's markets and streamline your company's work flow.
Who We Are
Our innovative software applications and technological services are designed to bring you reliable and secure electronic trading systems that operate at the fastest speeds possible. We're the provider of choice for a growing number of prominent financial institutions, and our clients range from small brokerages to international multi-desk trading corporations.

Orbis gives you direct online access to the markets, complete with real-time quotes, rapid execution times, and valuable tools to help you manage your portfolio and evaluate market trends. We know your business isn't the same as everyone else's, and so we customize our products to suit your individual requirements. We build the features you need, give your software the look and the feel you want, then make it work with the systems you already have. Unlike many providers, we develop and maintain the products we sell, so we can quickly deliver updates when you need them, along with service from the experts who created your software.

In addition, Orbis offers a wide-range of supplementary services to keep you ahead of the game. Do you find yourself burdened by increasingly complicated audit and compliance requirements? Do you worry about how to protect your clients against identity theft? We stay on top of changing regulations so you don't have to, and our experienced security advisers can show you how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

At Orbis, our success is driven by our commitment to incorporating the latest technology into everything we do. We provide trading tools and market connectivity you can count on — fast, safe, and dependable.